Steve Evans' Online Photo Album


Here is my online photo album - a collection of photos that were not necessarily taken by me or with my cameras,
however they all do involve me in some way. Basically a snapshot into my life - Enjoy!


The first set were mostly taken on my new digital camera - Canon PowerShot G3.

(Dave & Gretchen's photos were taken with - Olympus Camedia D-520 Zoom.)
(Wayne's photos were taken with - Nikon Coolpix 995.)
(Wayne's newer photos were taken with - Canon EOS Digital Rebel.)

8th July, 2006

Playing in the Rain with Jen and Alex


27th June - 3rd July, 2006

Trip to Chicago & Wisconsin with Jen's Family
Day 0 - Flying to Chicago with Jen, Alex and Mike
Day 1 - Around Burr Ridge, Celebrating Jen's Dad's 65th Birthday


24th June, 2006

Playing with our Parakeets


10th June, 2006

Spring Flowers


3rd June, 2006

Tiny Town with Mum, Dad, Jen and Alex


11th March, 2006

Our Dog-for-a-Week - Buddy!

Semi-New! (No Descriptions Yet)

7th March, 2006

My Old Dining Table


27th February, 2006

Alex in his new Buzz Lightyear PJ's


22nd February, 2006

Geese in the backyard


21st February, 2006

Icicles hanging from the roof


19th February, 2006

Icicles hanging from the window well grate


18th February, 2006

Alex in his new goggles


17th February, 2006

Alex playing in his bedroom


28th December, 2005

Our Christmas Tree


25th December, 2005

Christmas Day


24th December, 2005

Christmas Eve


23rd December, 2005

Alex eating a candy cane


10th December, 2005

Brown Palace Hotel


31st October, 2005

Halloween - Alex trick-or-treating

18th June, 2005

Denver Zoo with Jen, Alex, Mum and Dad

21st April, 2005

Landscaping Around My Townhouse Complete

10th April, 2005

My First Snow Storm at Crofton Park

6th April, 2005

Landscaping Continues - Plants Arrive

5th April, 2005

My New Bar + Landscaping Begins

31st December, 2004

Chris Washenberger and Paula Motkowski's Wedding - New Year's Eve

(No Descriptions Yet)

29th December, 2004

Snowmobiling at Winter Park

(No Descriptions Yet)

25th December, 2004

Christmas with Mum and Dad

7th November, 2004

Townhouse - Siding and Heating/Air Installation

2nd November, 2004

Townhouse - Framing Complete, Stairs Installed

16th October, 2004

Townhouse - Framing the Roof

10th October, 2004

Townhouse - Framing Second Story

7th October, 2004

Townhouse - Framing Continues (with Wayne)

3rd October, 2004

Townhouse - Framing Begins

23rd September, 2004

Townhouse - Pipes layed, Basement and Garage floors and walls backfilled

18th September, 2004

CU vs North Texas Football Game at Folsom Field

12th September, 2004

Townhouse - Basement Walls Poured

6th September, 2004

Shooting at Left Hand Canyon with Wayne and Audrey

5th-6th September, 2004

Around my Desk at Work

5th September, 2004

Townhouse - Basement Walls Ready for Pouring

4th September, 2004

CU vs. CSU at Folsom Field
(Wayne's photos)

4th September, 2004

Dan Venhuizen and Lisa McCormick's Wedding

2nd September, 2004

Townhouse - Hole Dug, Pouring Foundations

29th August, 2004

Townhouse - Construction Begins, Area Pegged Out

17th August, 2004

Christy's Whiskey Bar Photos

16th August, 2004

Field of Sunflowers near Longmont

14th August, 2004

Another Grog Stocktake

11th July, 2004

Audrey's Birthday
(Wayne's photos)

5th July, 2004

Jeeping at Middle St. Vrain/Coney Flats with Wayne, Audrey and Ezra
Wayne's photos

16th - 23rd June, 2004

Helping Wayne and Audrey Move In to thier New Townhouse
(Wayne's photos)

5th June, 2004

Denver Zoo with Wayne and Audrey
(Wayne's photos)

28th May, 2004

Townhouse Design Meeting 2 Selections

21st - 22nd May, 2004

Camping and Jeeping at Camp Dick
Wayne & Audrey's photos

21st May, 2004

Townhouse Design Meeting 1 Selections & Ideas

9th May, 2004

Jeeping at Slaughterhouse Gulch
(Wayne's photos)

21st April, 2004

Another Visit to the Townhouse Model

14th April, 2004

Ideas for My Townhouse Design & Around My Lot

3rd April, 2004

Townhouse Model

20th March, 2004

BBQ at My Place
(Dave's photos)

7th December, 2003

Australia Trip - Farewell lunch

3rd December, 2003

Australia Trip - Long Reef, Collaroy

1st December, 2003

Australia Trip - Manly

(No Descriptions Yet)

30th November, 2003

Australia Trip - Curl Curl

(No Descriptions Yet)

29th November, 2003

Australia Trip - Staying at Margaret & Matt's place at North Curl Curl

(No Descriptions Yet)

18th November, 2003

Australia Trip - Dinner in the Rocks

(No Descriptions Yet)

16th November, 2003

Australia Trip - Dinner at Margaret & Matt's place at North Curl Curl

(No Descriptions Yet)

11th November, 2003

Australia Trip - Kerrie-Anne & Daniel's place at Ourimbah

4th - 9th November, 2003

Margaret & Matt Savage's Wedding on Lord Howe Island
Day 1 - Arrival
Day 2 - Sightseeing, Fish Feeding
Day 3 - Scuba, Glass Bottom Boat, Offshore Fishing (Matt's Buck's Night)
Day 4 - Wedding Day!
Day 5 - Catalina Crash Site, Walk to Little Island
Day 6 - Departure

30th October - 3rd November, 2003

Australia Trip - Around Kenthurst
Day 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

26th October, 2003

BBQ at Dave & Gretchen's Place
(Dave & Gretchen's photos)

25th October, 2003

Back in Denver Again

15th October, 2003

KA & Daniel's New Baby, Emma Joan Watt
(Matthew's Photos)

11th October, 2003

Autumn colours around Columbus, Ohio

31st August, 2003

Dave & Gretchen's Wedding

(No Descriptions Yet)

30th August, 2003

CU vs CSU College Football Game

29th August, 2003

Dave's Buck's Night

(No Descriptions Yet)

6th August, 2003

Car Damage + Around Columbus Accommodation

(No Descriptions Yet)

4th August, 2003

Ohio State Fair

(No Descriptions Yet)

27th July, 2003

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs
Wayne's photos

(No Descriptions Yet)

26th July, 2003

Around My Apartment in Denver

(No Descriptions Yet)

4th - 6th July, 2003

Washington D.C. Trip
Day 1 - Independence Day
Day 2 - Sightseeing
Day 3 - Smithsonian's National Zoo
Justin's photos - Day 1, 2 and 3

(No Descriptions Yet)

21st June, 2003

JD's Housewarming + Wayne & Audrey's Housewarming
(Dave & Gretchen's photos)

14th May, 2003

Last Supper - Leaving for Ohio
(Dave & Gretchen's photos)

9th May, 2003

Day after Wayne & Audrey's Graduation (lunch with their families)

8th May, 2003

Wayne and Audrey's Graduation Ceremony

30th April - 5th May, 2003

New Mexico Trip
Day 1 - Denver to Santa Fe
Day 2 - Santa Fe to Albuquerque
Day 3 - El Malpais and El Morro National Monuments
Day 4 - El Morro and El Malpais National Monuments
Day 5 - Albuquerque to Taos, via Bandelier National Monument
Day 6 - Taos to Denver, via Capulin Volcano National Monument

(No Descriptions Yet)

20th April, 2003

Dave's New Bike

11th - 12th April, 2003

Skiing Vail - Day 1 and 2

2nd April, 2003

Around My Apartment

2nd April, 2003

Around My Cube at Work


This set were mostly taken on my second digital camera - Kodak DC260.

(Matthew's photos were taken with - Canon Digital IXUS.)
(Wayne's photos were taken with - Nikon Coolpix 995.)
(Audrey's photos were taken with - Toshiba PDR-M5.)

18th - 21st March, 2003

Colorado Blizzard
Day 1 - Onset
Day 2 - Trapped
Day 3 - Cleanup Begins
Day 4 - Aftermath

8th February, 2003

Skiing Breckenridge

3rd January, 2003

My Broken Doorframe

29th December, 2002

ATV'ing with Wayne and Shay in Texas

25th - 31st December, 2002

Christmas with Audrey's Family in Texas
(Wayne & Audrey's photos)

20th December, 2002

IRUSA Christmas Party at the Wellshire Inn

28th - 29th November, 2002

Wagon Tracks and La Garita Arch near Alamosa
(Thanksgiving with Wayne's parents)

Wayne's photos - Day 1 and 2

8th November, 2002

My Broken Jeep

10th - 12th October, 2002

Camping in Wyoming - Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks
Day 1, 2 and 3
Wayne's photos - Day 1, 2 and 3

22nd September, 2002

Zion National Park
Wayne's photos

20th - 21st September, 2002

Las Vegas - Day 1 and 2 (Wayne's photos)

7th September, 2002

4wding and Changing Aspens around Caribou Creek
Wayne's photos
Audrey's photos

16th - 18th May, 2002

Camping at Sand Dunes National Monument
Day 1, 2 and 3
Wayne's photos - Day 0, 1, 2 and 3
Audrey's photos

11th April, 2002

My New Plates!

6th April, 2002

Random Photos Taken By Wayne

10th March, 2002

4wding Slaughterhouse Gulch in the Snow

16th December, 2001

Matthew and Wayne skiing Breckenridge
(Matthew's photos)

18th November, 2001

Another Party At My Place

(No Descriptions Yet)

22nd September, 2001

Kerrie-Anne and Daniel's Wedding
(Professional Photos)

(No Descriptions Yet)

7th September, 2001

Party at Jeff Cutting's Place

8th September, 2000

Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge - IR Developer Outing

25th September, 1999

Jase & Brooke's Engagement Party

16th May, 1999

4x4ing with My New Car

Semi-New! (No Descriptions Yet)

11th May, 1999

Matthew's UTS Graduation Ceremony

Semi-New! (No Descriptions Yet)

7th May, 1999

My UTS Graduation Ceremony

Semi-New! (No Descriptions Yet)


And, here are a few photos which were taken on my first digital camera - Kodak DC50.

30th November -
4th December, 1998

4x4ing Sydney to Coffs Harbour

7th November, 1998


30th October, 1998

CompSoc & BITSA Halloween Harbour Cruise

11th September, 1998

CompSoc Harbour Cruise

24th April, 1998

CompSoc Troppo Night

2nd April, 1998

CompSoc Around the World Pub Crawl

12th - 17th January, 1998

4x4ing the Myall Lakes & Barrington Tops

Temporarily Offline

27th December, 1997

4x4ing the Maroota State Forest

27th November, 1997

CompSoc End Of Year Ball

CompSoc Halloween Harbour Cruise 1997

Temporarily Offline

CompSoc Pub Crawl 1997

24th May, 1997

CompSoc Harbour Cruise 1997

2nd May, 1997

CompSci Graduation Day/Night

8th - 14th February, 1997

Holidaying at Avoca

31st December, 1996 -
1st January, 1997

My 1996/1997 New Year's Eve Party

22nd - 29th July, 1996

New Zealand Skiing Holiday
Day 1 - Sydney -> Christchurch
Day 2 - Queenstown
Day 3 - Queenstown / The Remarkables
Day 4 - The Remarkables
Day 5 - Queenstown
Day 6 - Coronet Peak
Day 7 - Cardrona
Day 8 - Queenstown -> Christchurch -> Sydney
Jase's photos
Old HTML pages


4th July, 1996

Adrian Playing in the Pool

1st July, 1996

Rubbish from the Yearly Cleanup

22nd June, 1996

Around the House

17th June, 1996

Around the House

15th June, 1996

Around the House - Laurie & Judy

14th June, 1996

Around the House

13th June, 1996

Around the House

12th June, 1996


1st June, 1996

Mason Petrie's 21st

31st May, 1996

At Work - Integrated Research

30th May, 1996


25th May, 1996

Tony Young's 21st

24th May, 1996

Around the House

19th May, 1996

Around the House

18th May, 1996

Around the House

17th May, 1996

Joe Renzi's 22nd Birthday Dinner

17th May, 1996

At Work - Integrated Research


Here are some of Mum and Dad's photos taken around the world.

Here are some of Matthew's photos taken on his travels.

Kerrie-Anne's photos.


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