CompSoc End of Year Ball

Thursday, 27th November 1997

And so, another year at UTS goes by.. here's some photo's of how we ended it.. or at least to help us recall what we did that night!
Thanks Lisa and Bryn for writing the captions for these photos..

7:39pm Is that you Sophie?
7:39pm Oh yes Steve, we will!
7:40pm R U gonna?
7:40pm What the hell - says Raz...
7:41pm Awww.. Lisa and Tamlin
7:43pm Your a good boy Damo
7:44pm Any closer Craig???
7:45pm Lith, Ben, Tamlin and Nath
7:46pm Wendy, Tamlin, Ren and Carolina
7:47pm Tamlin, Lisa and Ren
7:56pm This is how it's done guys!!
9:13pm Is that a finger Nath?
9:16pm Lisa attempts to stand in the company of Ben, Nath, Ren and Carolina
9:17pm Ren, Ben, Kel, David and Lisa - a group effort
9:17pm Awww... Danile and his better half!
9:19pm Cuties!
9:20pm Oh Oh - THE STAFF (Psst, this way Jim)
9:23pm Oh no! Here we go..
9:23pm Skull Bryn - SKULL!
9:25pm Stick that toungue back in your mouth!
9:25pm Much better..
9:26pm Masses of people here...
9:27pm And here!
9:31pm Sbg trying hard to not look drunk..
9:31pm Levy (aka Craig) and Ren
9:32pm Woohoo - Craig and Rachel, On/Off???
9:40pm Tamlin boogee on down!
9:40pm Col, Hands, Lith and Sue
9:42pm Those horns again!
9:43pm People dancing..
9:46pm Squeeze.. and Lean...
9:48pm Marty in Gold
9:49pm All we can say is - SINK PISS!
9:49pm Aww.. Will's done well.
9:50pm Bryn and Damo
9:50pm Instant suntan!
9:52pm Jodie and Mason
10:04pm Sprung!! Lisa and Tamlin
10:05pm Heads together people - Bryn, Tamlin and Lisa
10:17pm Hey its Lisa and Bryn
10:18pm Jackie! Get your nose out of his ear!
10:22pm Ah really Des - says Alithia
10:26pm Ladies of the night - Talya and Kel
10:26pm Bryn you tart - another one?
10:26pm Empty chairs at empty tables
10:31pm Now now Jodie - don't be shy...
10:31pm Argh! And again..
10:31pm Steve - the long haired lout!
10:33pm Food glorious food
10:37pm Lisa and Steve
10:38pm Lisa supporting Anand!!!
10:39pm Snuggle in tight - Lisa and Tamlin
10:39pm Is that Will swingin those hips???
10:39pm Jess shows us how its done..
10:41pm Jackie, Sharon and Chris S...
10:41pm Daniel huddles closer!
10:42pm The staff in action
10:42pm So confused Raz!!!
10:43pm Ahhhh - Marty and Nat!
10:45pm Smiles all round - Talya and Nath
10:45pm Here's Sue!!!
10:47pm Damo takes Jenny for a spin...
10:47pm Everybody dance now
10:49pm Jenny, Des and Sbg
10:50pm Robert - I mean Matt!!!
10:53pm Lovely fingers guys - Wendy and Bryn
10:57pm Jackie, Sandra and Steve
10:58pm Sharon, Jackie and Sandra
11:02pm Mean machine Phil
11:03pm Control that hair Steve!
11:34pm Sweetest and Cutest - Lith and Matt
11:36pm Damo and his white angel!
11:46pm We can still see you Karin!
11:47pm Cute Guys...
11:49pm Sydney by night
11:50pm Backs..
11:50pm & fronts!
11:50pm More body bits.. (who left the camera in zoom!)
11:51pm and more...
11:51pm etc.
11:55pm Action on the dance floor!!!

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