Jase & Brooke's Engagement Party

Saturday, 25th September 1999

Jase and Brooke's Engagement Party, held at the Mount Kembla Hotel (which is sort of near Wollongong)

6:34pm Rob and Chris get stuck into the alcohol
6:35pm Vick, SteveK and Jase having a chat
6:40pm Juz
6:40pm SteveK and Rob
6:45pm A self portrait, by SteveK
6:45pm Jase still hasn't grown out of that tounge thing..
8:12pm Juz with Vik trying to catch the latest gossip
8:13pm SteveK's drunkeness progressing nicely
8:14pm Table shot
8:19pm The husband to be..
8:31pm And father to be? :)
8:33pm SteveE and Andrew
8:34pm Matt
8:46pm A cool group shot of most of us
9:24pm Awww.. Jase and sis
9:30pm Caught!.. well nearly :p
9:31pm SteveK looking rather um smug :)
9:31pm SteveK, checking Vick out?
9:31pm SteveK, Vick and Rob
9:35pm Speech time
9:36pm Brooke and Jase, posing for the cameras
9:36pm The other invitees
9:37pm More posing
9:37pm Now the speeches
9:37pm and the rest of the invitees
9:38pm Our lot
9:39pm Mr Wilson
9:40pm Brooke and Jase doing the rounds
9:43pm Cutting the cakes
9:43pm Rob and SteveK having a heavy discussion
9:44pm Dishing out the cakes
9:49pm SteveK and Rob still going
9:50pm Smile guys!
10:08pm Enter Vick and Matt to get the goss!
10:09pm Opening the prezzies
10:09pm Brooke, happy to get something she's always wanted :)
10:10pm Jase opens our gifts
10:12pm A Playstation!

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