1996/1997 New Year's Eve Party Photos

31st December, 1996 - 1st January, 1997

dc0001l.jpg 10 Minutes into the party and Chris is gone already!
dc0002l.jpg Tamlin, Marty, Carolyn, Mase, Jase and Vicki all looking very civilised..
dc0003l.jpg Tony and Me trying to get the TV working.. without much success..
dc0004l.jpg Carolyn, Mase, Brooke, Jase, and Vicki looking much less civilised!... Vicki enjoying the view..
dc0005l.jpg The slightly better side to Jase..
dc0006l.jpg Chris taking one of many falls :)
dc0007l.jpg AP giving his breasts a feel.. Jase wanting a piece of the action..
dc0008l.jpg Chris looking a tad evil.. must've been that last drink AP poured him.. :D
dc0009l.jpg And a lovly shot of Carolyn :p
dc0010l.jpg Chris discovers the concept of bells and how to ring them..
dc0011l.jpg Chris ready to kill Marty.. I guess he didn't want to go for a swim.. :)
dc0012l.jpg Tony and AP playing with the stereo..
dc0013l.jpg Chris changing his mind about the swim.. sitting by the side of the pool..
dc0014l.jpg closer...
dc0015l.jpg and closer he gets..
dc0016l.jpg Marty's found his partner for the night..
dc0017l.jpg Carolyn and Mase
dc0018l.jpg Marty helping Chris put his clothes back on :)
dc0019l.jpg "See AP .. it's called a stereo".. :D
dc0020l.jpg Vicki having her turn with Chris..
dc0021l.jpg Into the pool he goes..
dc0022l.jpg AP playing DJ..
dc0023l.jpg Oh no.. Chris attempting to dance.. :)
dc0024l.jpg Ditto .. I guess :D
dc0025l.jpg More of the same..
dc0026l.jpg AP Joining in..
dc0027l.jpg Those of us not into dancing with drunks :D just yet at least..
dc0028l.jpg Chris and AP dancing..
dc0029l.jpg Marty joining in..
dc0030l.jpg What can I say..!
dc0031l.jpg Even more dancing..
dc0032l.jpg No that isn't me doing my hair..
dc0033l.jpg Chris dancing..
dc0034l.jpg and again..
dc0035l.jpg Oh no .. back to the pool he goes..
dc0036l.jpg closer..
dc0037l.jpg and closer..
dc0038l.jpg The love birds .. :p
dc0039l.jpg AP again..
dc0040l.jpg Chris, slightly wet..
dc0041l.jpg Marty and AP.. he just won't stop dancing..!
dc0042l.jpg and again ..
dc0043l.jpg Carolyn and Mase again.. the only two people sober enough to stand... and even then they have to help each other! :D
dc0044l.jpg Vicki undressing Chris..
dc0045l.jpg He finally gets his swim.. Don't ask what he's wearing.. on not wearing :D
dc0046l.jpg Now he can't get out.. :)
dc0047l.jpg Dancing again.. Just after midnight..
dc0048l.jpg Don't do it Tamlin!..
dc0049l.jpg He had to .. didn't he :) Thank God for underwear!..
dc0050l.jpg Awww now isn't that sweet.. suffer Carolyn :p
dc0051l.jpg Vicki's lovely purple hair..
dc0052l.jpg Tony and Marty doing the deep and meaningful thing..
dc0053l.jpg Extreme close-up.. Vicki's hands by the look of it..
dc0054l.jpg Me!..
dc0055l.jpg The two of 'em again.. Mase looking as intelligent as ever :D
dc0056l.jpg Time for bed..
dc0057l.jpg Marty taking photo's on top of Mase in bed..
dc0058l.jpg Smile for the birdy..
dc0059l.jpg Chris looking rather pale :)
dc0060l.jpg Chris dreaming again..
dc0061l.jpg Just before he goes for a quick cold shower :p
dc0062l.jpg What a lovely face..
dc0063l.jpg Gotta love that red-eye.. Chris posessed..
dc0064l.jpg Tamlin's gone..
dc0065l.jpg Marty getting a piece of the action with Mase and Carolyn :)
dc0066l.jpg What's she doing under the sheets??
dc0067l.jpg Marty getting the tongue action happening..
dc0068l.jpg What the hell, one more can't hurt.. :)
dc0069l.jpg "No you're not getting five minutes alone togther!"..
dc0070l.jpg "OK I'll be back in an hour"..
dc0071l.jpg Don't ask what Marty had on him mind there..
dc0072l.jpg "Mine's longer than your's"
dc0073l.jpg The makeshift bedroom..
dc0074l.jpg Just call me Mr Seedy
dc0075l.jpg Wow.. we have cupboards..
dc0076l.jpg Marty and Vicki.. now don't ask where his hands are :)
dc0077l.jpg Well they had 5 minutes alone.. Marty still very eager to join in :P

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