CompSci Graduation Day / Night 1997 Photos

Friday, 2nd May 1997

( Blame Marty for these descriptions! )

dc0006l.jpg Sbg and Piers looking *very* excited
dc0007l.jpg Andrew Stylianou showing off his cheesy grin
dc0008l.jpg SteveK, Robert and Jason looking very snazzy
dc0009l.jpg Justin looking just as snazzy
dc0010l.jpg The guys out the front of the tower, Justin, Roben, Jase, SteveK and Robert
dc0011l.jpg Robert and Brooke down at the bar
dc0012l.jpg Justin at the bar, with Jase being... well normal for Jase
dc0013l.jpg Steve and Alithia with a close up of Matt's head
dc0014l.jpg Mason doing his Terminator look-alike
dc0015l.jpg An incredible close up of Marty
dc0016l.jpg Rob just can't escape can he... you'll get a tumor mate...
dc0017l.jpg Alithia and Matt grinning away
dc0018l.jpg Justin trying not to get too excited
dc0019l.jpg And again...
dc0020l.jpg Steve Kiss showing how his graduation has matured him
dc0021l.jpg SteveK and Matt, and the wonders of the uni bar
dc0022l.jpg Justin with man's second best friend...
dc0023l.jpg Hassan and a bit of Manish
dc0024l.jpg Manish just relaxing at the bar
dc0025l.jpg Robert, Roben and SteveK enjoying the night festivities
dc0026l.jpg Marty and Justin, just sitting around...
dc0027l.jpg Rob and Marty, relax with a couple of beers
dc0028l.jpg Robert, Andrew, Roben and Marty deep in conversation, SteveK looking a little seedy...
dc0029l.jpg Justin and Jase, usual face pulling
dc0030l.jpg Marty, SteveK and Mase drinking on...
dc0031l.jpg Alithia and everyone's favourite lecturer Jim Underwood.
dc0032l.jpg Yes Matt we know you are a guy, put it away...
dc0033l.jpg Andrew Stylianou and Marty talking over beers.
dc0034l.jpg Rob, Brooke and Jase sitting around the bar
dc0035l.jpg Mase and his loyal friend Steve Kiss
dc0036l.jpg Justin and Steve Kiss doing.... something..
dc0037l.jpg Brooke a little over-exposed
dc0038l.jpg Steve Kiss, the night is starting to take its effect
dc0039l.jpg Brooke, Rob and Jase deep in someone conversation
dc0040l.jpg Jason with a look of denial on his face...
dc0041l.jpg Andrew, Matt, Roben and Marty still hanging out at the bar
dc0042l.jpg Marty lights up, looking rather unimpressed.
dc0043l.jpg Rob ... just being tooooo cooool.
dc0044l.jpg All the guys sitting around a table outside
dc0045l.jpg Roben and SteveK enjoying themselves at the Trades Hall inn bar
dc0046l.jpg Roben and SteveK still having too much fun...
dc0047l.jpg Manish and Justin taking it easy
dc0048l.jpg Stewart, the back of Matt's head and our lovely bar maid..
dc0049l.jpg Warren looking still partially sober..
dc0050l.jpg Matt, SteveE, Mase and Stewart just sitting around
dc0051l.jpg Hassan and his girlfriend... Justin and Manish don't look impressed
dc0052l.jpg And again...
dc0053l.jpg Rob, he just is soooo coooool
dc0054l.jpg drink on.... SteveE, Mase, Stewart, Matt and Warren
dc0055l.jpg Marty and Heddi
dc0056l.jpg Marty, Heddi, SteveK and Andrea
dc0057l.jpg Marty, Heddi, Kathy, Andrea, and SteveK....
dc0058l.jpg Everyone .. you're in there someone...

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